Welcome to Dazcat Designs, a world of custom catamarans and trimarans built to race and cruise. Dazcats are tested rigorously and have competed in many events, achieving class and overall wins in the Fastnet, Transatlantic, Round Britain and Ireland races and many others. They have cruised the world in comfort and safety, and are built to the highest standards to be light and strong, taking you wherever you want to go.

Our experienced and expanding design team have been designing, building and sailing multihulls for the last 25 years and work from first principles, challenging convention. We work closely with our clients, offering a one stop shop design and build service with our sister company Multimarine Composites. Because most people dream for years before buying a boat, we want to ensure the experience is one you will remember for all the right reasons, and that you get what’s exactly right for you. WHATEVER you want from your multihull, Dazcat will deliver.

A speedy tour of what we’ve been up to for some of our 25 years. We have many more videos of races, sea trials and events to share, including last year’s Triangle Race, in which we had 5 entries in the MOCRA class, and 2011’s Fastnet Race.

Build blogs and photos of our performance catamarans and trimarans are in the Photo Gallery


8m, 10m, 12m and 14m open deck catamarans are out and out racers, with a proven history as winners, as are our 8m and 10m trimarans. Visit the News archive for evidence



If you like going really, really fast, or if sailing is starting to be hard work but you still love the water, have a look at the range of fuel efficient power catamarans on our sister site, www.powercats.co.uk

10m, 11.5m, 12m and 14m performance bridgedeck catamarans are ideal for cruising in comfort with friends and family, with the option to race from time to time. Pictures in the Photo Gallery and videos in the Events Gallery



Sister company Multimarine Composites has vacancies for boat builders, laminators, systems engineers and CAD designers - get in touch if you're interested and qualified, and you could join one of the most innovative companies in composite boat building



Dazcat Designs: performance is our passion

The occasional second-hand Dazcat comes up for sale, and if you send us a list we can get you great discounts on boat bits. Just become available, D10R EasyTiger, available for a very good price

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Dazcat 10RT, very fast performance trimaran that wins races

Dazcat 1195, comfortable and spacious cruising catamaran with performance to race

Dazcat Power 15, for cruising in the Med - this prototype is wheelchair accessible


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Dazcat 10R for sale at a very attractive price - check out our Brokerage page for spec and price, and the Design gallery for images

A new cruiser/racer catamaran design for exploring the Caribbean